Season 1
Pilot Part 1

Silence... Jack, a tall, strong featured man with black hair, as dark as midnight sky, green eyes like a swamp awoke, disorientated and confused. He tried to remember what had happened to him, but could not. He looked around him and saw hundreds of trees and bushes in every direction. He suddenly realized he was in a jungle; he stared into the pale, clear blue sky, wondering what he was doing there. He waited a few moments just to take in the shock, of what was happening. Snap! He heard a twig brake. Birds squawked in the distance, Snap! He heard it again, it sounded big he thought to himself that it must be something dangerous, but he could not bring himself to get up and run. The snapping got louder and louder and closer and closer, until final it stopped, he heard a rapid panting noise, a small, disfigured object slowly started to wander towards him; it was a bright, golden, a flowing yellow coat. It was a dog, a golden retriever. The light was shining onto the dogs long golden thick hair that shined back into Jack’s eyes blinding him. The dog stood there for a moment, then wandered off into the scary, unknown jungle. Jack continued to lie there, on the grass, staring into the sky.

He decided, with himself whether he should get up and investigate or not, he stood up, not realizing that he had a large cut on his body, he grunted and bent over to relieve himself of the pain. He was confused and then realized how deep in the jungle he was. He looked every direction to find some help, but could not find anyone. He felt a lumpy object in his pocket, but didn’t remember putting anything in, so he shoved his hand in to retrieve it. It was a small bottle of alcohol; he thought to himself how it could have got there. After deciding that he could not stay there anymore, he decided to run in the direction of the dog, hoping that he would find some help. He ran and ran, dodging every stick, rock and branch; he swept through the air he jumped over every obstacle that got in his way. Continuing to run, he heard, a woman screaming in the distance, he decided to follow her voice as he thought it could give him answers. So determined to get to this lady, he ran straight past a white trainer, hanging from the tree without noticing it.

He arrived, on a beautiful, tropical beach, it was like paradise, he thought to himself, but then he suddenly realised, the screaming was louder now. He ran down the beach through all of the bushes until he came upon something he nevercould have imagined. A plane crash site! Fire was flying and spitting sparks zapped past dying passengers, people were falling like flies all over the golden, beautiful sand, giant metal shrapnel were all over the place, on the ground, in the sea, even in people. He could not believe what he was looking at. He noticed the engines were still spinning, so he stayed as far away from them as he could possible. His head was flying all over the place, looking for the first person he could find to help.

“Help! Help! Somebody, help me!” a man screamed in the distance. Jack immediately ran as fast he could to the trapped man. When he approached to the man, and realised that the man’s leg was trapped under the wheel from the airplane.

“Oh, my leg!” he moaned with agony. Jack knew he wasn’t going to be able to lift it all on his own, so he called over some helpers.

“Hey, get over here. Give me a hand. You, come on! Come over here! Give me a hand!” Jack shouted randomly, three men came to the rescue.

“On the count of three. One, two, three!” Jack instructed. They lifted the wheel and Jack pulled the man out from underneath it. They man’s leg was covered in blood, it was pouring all over, off his leg and onto the ground, turning the sand from gold, to red. He took the tie off of the suit he was wearing and quickly tied it around his leg to prevent any further bleeding. Suddenly he heard a woman screaming, from the water, he noticed it was a pregnant woman, she was small, with a round face and Australian accent, long flowing blonde hair hung down hair face and over her bright blue eyes that were the colour of the sea in tropics. She was lying on the ground. He told the three men to look after the man with the injured leg, and Jack immediately ran to the pregnant woman. The engines were roaring as he ran past them, blowing paper and wreckage all over the beach. When he reached her, he knelt down to help her. She grabbed him and shouted at him.

“I’m having contractions!” she screamed.

“How many months pregnant are you?” he asked.

“I’m, err... nearly eight months” she replied. Jack asked more questions to her, but was distracted by an elderly woman lying on the ground, with a man trying to revive her.

“How fast are they coming?” he enquired.

“I don’t know they have only just happened” she cried.

Back where Jack found, the man under the wheel, they were dragging the injured man to safety. As they were walking, a man ran past them, stopping right in front of one of the engines. John (one of the men) he was tall with a very plain face, he was bald and had a cut that went all the way down his eye. He yelled at him to get away from it, but it was too late, the force from the engine, dragged him and sucked him into the turbine. BOOM! The engine exploded, pieces of metal flew into the direction of the survivors. They all ran, dodging the shrapnel, running for their lives. Jack and Claire (the pregnant woman) fell to the ground to dodge the shrapnel flying everywhere. Jack asked Claire if she was ok, and reassured her that she will be ok, once she replied that she was. He told, her that she had to stay still, and he looked around for someone that could take care of her.

“Hey, you!” Jack shouted to a survivor of the crash, as he was walking past, very confused. The survivor looked at him, very quickly, as if he thought he was in trouble.

“Come here, I need you to get this woman away from these fumes, take her over there, stay with her, if her contractions occur any closer than 3 minutes apart, call out for me” he insisted. Jack pointed in the direction near some trees, that he wanted the man to take her to.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me” Hurley (the survivor) cried. He was large and fat, his hair was curly and brown, and it covered all of his face. Jack made sure that Claire was ok, for one last time, and left her in the hands of the man.

“Hey what’s your name?” he screamed

“Jack!” he replied

He continued to run after the elderly woman lying on the ground, unconscious.

“Stop, her head is not tilted far back enough, you’re blowing air into her stomach” he told the young boy that was looking after her.

“You sure?” he replied. Jack ignored him, and continued to attempt to revive the woman.

“That is exactly what I was doing, I’m a lifeguard, and I’m licensed!” he explained.

“Yeah? Well, you seriously think about giving that license back!” he grunted.

“Maybe, we should do one of those hole things, you know when they stick the pen in their throat?” he suggested, trying to help Jack as much as he could. He replied by telling him to go get a pen, Boone (the young boy) ran off as fast as he could, dodging all the people, asking if anyone had a pen. He had a very chiseled face, long brown hair and dazzling blue eyes. Jack continued to give Rose (the elderly woman) CPR, he grunted and cried, to get her back conscious. She had dark brown skin; she had thick, black, curly hair that sat on top of her head.

“C’mon... C’mon... C’mon!” he yelled at the top of his voice. He repeatedly pushed her stomach to revive her. Suddenly, he heard a choking sound from below him. Rose had regained consciousness. He insisted that she took very deep breathes, very slowly.

Suddenly he heard a massive creaking noise, Jack looked behind him to see what it was, and the wing from the plane was wobbling up and down in the air. He then looked down and noticed that Hurley and Claire were sat down underneath it. He ignored Rose fully, and ran as fast he could, yelling to them to get out of the way before it fell, they couldn’t hear him. When he reached them, he grabbed them and took them away from the wing, as fast as he could run. They ran and ran, until suddenly, the wing fell, making a massive explosion. Everyone around that area had fallen, over from the force of them explosion. Jack, Claire and Hurley’s face’s all fell into the sand, frontwards. One explosion lead to another, making the engines explode, sending rubble all over the place, flying past everyone around.

“You ok?” Jack asked to Claire. She nodded in reply.

“You?” he asked Hurley. He also nodded in reply. He then told him to stay with her.

“Dude, I’m not going anywhere?” he replied jokingly. Hurley and Claire fell to the ground with exhaustion.�

Light, pale grey smoke, leaked through the holes of the wreckage into the air fading away the higher it got.� Jack stumbled over to the fuselage of the plane, tripping over all over the place, he walked to the end of the plane and grabbed to side of it, staring into the darkness that lurked inside. Boone ran up to Jack and stuck his hand out which was holding a bunch of pens.

“I didn’t know which one worked best” he huffed. He stuck his arm out in front of Jack showing him the pens. Jack turned around and looked at Boone.

“They’re all good... thanks” he replied. He then walked off, leaving Boone at the end of the plane. Boone continued to stare into the darkness of the fuselage.�

� Jack wandered past all of the fire, wreckage, dead bodies and wondered over to an area of land swamped with suitcases. He knelt down and opened a small black case and unzipped it and took an even smaller bag out of it, he then opened it and took out a small sewing kit and staggered of into the tree line. He took off his suit jacket slowly trying not to put pressure on his cut, he then took off his shirt and then his vest, revealing a massive, deep, red gash on the side of his body, he poked it to analyze how bad it was, and soon realised that it was very painful for him and he quickly removed his hand. He hung the clothes on a branch on one of the trees near him and he found a tree stump for him to sit down on. Jack looked at his cut, trying not to hurt himself too much, suddenly a petite, brunette woman walked out of the bushes, confused, rubbing her hands as if they were saw.

“Excuse me? Do you ever use a needle?” He asked politely as he stuck his arm out imitating a sewing movement.

“What?” The woman replied in a confused and almost disgusted tone.

“Do you ever, err... patch a pair of jeans?” he asked, to get her to accept, because he knew if he told her about the gash, she would deny. The woman stared at him and thought about what he was asking, as she was very confused and disorientated.

“I err... I made the drapes in my apartment” she stated.

“Listen that’s fantastic, do you have a second? I could use a little help here.” He immediately replied. The woman walked, slowly towards Jack.

“Help with what?” She replied hesitantly. Jack lifted his arm up and twisted his body, showing her the gash on the side of his body.

“With this!” he said

� She cringed, closed her eyes and turned her head away from him. He tried to reassure her that it would be ok if she helped him.

“Look I’d do it myself, I’m a doctor, but I just can’t reach...” he said before he was interrupted.

“You want me to sew that up?” she cried. He told her that it would be ok, and she should be able to do it.

“It’s just like the drapes, same thing” he begged.

“No with the drapes I used a sewing machine” she whined, knowing he wasn’t going to let her refuse.�

“No, you can do this, I’m telling you. If you wouldn’t mind” he pleaded. They both stared at each other, waiting for the reply.

“Of course I will” she answered hesitantly.

“Thank you” he nodded his head at her, and handed the bottle of alcohol to her. He stretched his arm over to her and she took the bottle, confused with what he wanted her to do with it.

“It’s for your hands” he stated. She looked at him relieved. She opened the bottle, and started to pour it on her hands, as she was nearly running out, he jumped in and shouted.

“Save me some... for the wound” he said embarrassed. She continued to pour the alcohol and then passed it over to Jack. Kate leaned forward and grabbed the sewing kit; she opened it, and grabbed the needle.

“Any colour preference?” she asked jokingly. Jack laughed and replied.

“No. Standard black” he replied with a big grin on his face. She grabbed the thread and the needle in her hand ready to sow him up. Jack took hold of the alcohol and poured it onto his cut, he grunted as it poured and stung him. Kate cringed as she looked at the cut once again.

A well dressed man, leant on the wreckage of the plane, he grabbed a box of cigarettes and flicked open his lighter, and lit the cigarette. He walked through the area of destruction where the plane crashed, tilting his head looking at the injured and the dying people, knowing there was nothing he could do to help, he showed no emotions as he saw them in pain, he just continued walking. He turned around, and headed towards the group, to help make camp for the night.

Claire stood along the beach, watching the waves hit her feet, and she watched the water meander around them. She held her hands onto her stomach, stroking it, to comfort the growing child inside her. She rolled her head downwards and watched her stomach, hoping that the baby inside was still alive. The waves around her crashed onto the sand and rocks, roaring and scratching, the woman refused to move out of the way of the waves and stood there for a little while longer.

Hurley was preparing sandwiches for the camp; he wrapped them up in tin foil and placed them into metal containers. John was sat down on the sand, holding his legs within his arms and he stared out into the open ocean, looking very satisfied.

Boone repeatedly tried to call for help using his mobile phone, but was unable to retrieve a signal from the area he was in. He looked at his phone with rage, and tried again, he walked marched off to the other side of camp.

“Come on!” he screamed at his phone. An Arabic man, with long curly black hair, and dark eyes, as dark as mud was collecting fire wood and placing it on a big pile of wood, hoping it would be used as a signal fire, to attract nearby boats.

“Hey, you! What’s your name?” he shouted.

“Me? Charlie.” A small blonde man replied. He stood up immediately from the floor ready to assist.

“Charlie, we need some help with the fire, no one will see it if it isn’t big” He told him.

“Okay, I’m on it. What’s your name?” He asked puzzled.

“Sayid” he replied.

“Sayid, I’m on it, Sayid” he repeated to himself, so he wouldn’t forget. They both walked off into the jungle, leaving Rose sitting on the beach on her own. She held a ring in her fingers, kissing it and crying to herself, quietly and innocently. The light from the fire shined on her face, reflecting the light onto the ring.

Kate was sowing Jack’s cut up as fast as she could, so she didn’t have to be there any longer. Jack grunted as she was rushing.

“I might throw up on you” she assumed. Jack turned around to listen to her. And shuck his head.

“You’re doing fine” he replied civilly.

“You don’t seem afraid at all, I don’t understand that” she growled enviously

“Well. Fear’s sort of an odd thing” he chuckled. The woman looked at him confused.

“When I was in residency, my first solo procedure was a spinal surgery on a 16-year-old kid. A girl. And at the end, after 13 hours, I was closing her up and I... I accidently ripped her Dural sack. It’s at the base of the spine where all the nerves come together. Membrane as thin as a tissue, and... So it ripped open. Nerves just spilled out of her like angel hair pasta, spinal fluid flowing out of her and I... The terror was just so... crazy, so real... and I knew I had to deal with it. So I just made a choice. I’d let the fear in. Let it take over. Let it do its thing. But only for five seconds, that’s all I was gonna give it. So I started to count. One, two, three, four, five. And it was gone. I went back to work, sewed her up and she was fine” he sniggered to himself quietly. The woman cringed at the story and turned her head away.

“If that had been me, I think I would’ve run for the door” she stated.

Jack turned away from her, and denied her statement.

“No, I don’t think that’s true. You’re not running now” he moaned. They both stared at each other and then she continued to sew him up.

Night time became near, the group of survivors surrounded fires spread across the beach and plane wreckage. Talking with each other and waiting for rescue. Charlie was sat down on a metal pole, with his hood covering his face, writing on his hands with a marker ‘fate’.

“You think they would have come by now” Sayid said eagerly.

“Huh, who?” Charlie replied mystified.

“Anyone!” he answered back. Charlie looked away from him, disappointed and stared at his fingers.

Shannon, a beautiful blonde woman, with long, blonde, straight hair, and sparkling blue eyes was sat on the sand, over a towel, giving herself a pedicure. Boone sat down beside her, exhausted. He stuck his hand out and passed her a bar of chocolate.

“As if I’m gonna start eating chocolate” she squealed. Boone once again, stuck his arm out, and waved the chocolate bar in front of her face.

“Shannon, we may be here for a while” he said, upset.

“The plane had a black box, idiot. They know exactly where we are, they’re coming” she stated aggressively. Boone tried once again for a third time, and waved the chocolate bar in her face.

“I’ll eat on the rescue boat” she mumbled. Boone stared at her and tried for a final time.

“I’ll eat on the rescue boat” she screamed patronizingly. Boone gave up with her and opened the chocolate bar and ate it himself. Shannon stared at him, disgusted and continued to paint her nails.

Claire was sat down on a piece of wreckage with a towel wrapped around her. Hurley came beside her and sat down.

“Hungry?” he asked excited.

“Yeah, thanks” she replied greedily. Hurley passed her two sandwiches.

“Any more... you know baby stuff?” he asked hesitantly.

“No... I’m okay” she replied, disappointed. Hurley grabbed a third sandwich out of his pocket, and stood up and walked off. Claire smiled at him.

“Well, hang in there” he said.

“Yeah, you too” she quickly replied. She tried to open the sandwiches he had given her. Immediately Hurley’s hand appeared in front of her, and it dropped another sandwich on her lap. She looked at him as he walked off, and giggled to herself quietly.

A black man and his son were laid down under a piece of wreckage they had built for shelter.

“You sure you’re warm enough?” he asked his son. He didn’t reply, he just nodded his head and continued to lie down on the ground.

A Korean couple were sat down outside near a fire.

“You must not leave my sight. You must follow me wherever I go. Do you understand?” he ordered her in Korean. She nodded her head and stared at the ground, in shame.

“Don’t worry about the others. We need to stay together” he told her in Korean again. They both nodded their heads to show they were both in agreement.

Jack was examining a man with a piece of shrapnel sticking out of his stomach. The woman that had sewed him up was watching over him.

“Do you think he’s gonna live?” she asked timidly. Jack tilted his head upwards towards her and replied.

“Do you know him?” he asked confused. Kate paused for a moment, and thought about what she was going to say next.

“He was sitting next to me” she replied. Jack looked away and started examining the man again. Jack and the woman sat down next to a fire, and Jack was explaining what he thought happened to cause the crash. He was demonstrating this with a plane made from a leaf.

“We must’ve been at about 40,000 feet, when it happened. We hit an air pocket and dropped... maybe 200 feet. The turbulence was... I blacked out” he cried.

“I didn’t. I saw the whole thing. I knew that the tail was gone, but I... couldn’t bring myself to look back. And then the front end of the plane broke off” she moaned in distress.

“Well it’s not here on the beach. Neither is the tail. We need to figure out which way we came in” he said eagerly.

“Why?” she replied puzzled

“There’s a chance we find the cockpit. If it’s intact, we might be able to find the transceiver. We could send out a signal, help the rescue party find us” he said inelegantly.

“How do you know all that?” she asked baffled.

“I took a couple of flying lessons. Wasn’t for me” he answered sarcastically. Jack threw the paper plane across the sand.

“I saw some smoke... just through the valley. If you’re thinking about going for the cockpit, I’m going with you” she demanded.

“I don’t know your name” he chuckled.

“I’m Kate” she laughed.

“Jack” he replied eagerly. Suddenly a massive slash and crash came from the jungle. Jack and Kate turned their heads to face the trees. As the camp stared at the jungle, they noticed the trees were shaking, moving, falling down. Another giant crash sound came from the trees. John turned his head around to see what was going on. Crunching and grinding, like gears, came from the jungle, it sounded almost mechanical.

“What was that” Shannon cried.

“That was weird, right?” Charlie asked puzzled.

“Is that Vincent?” Walt asked excitedly.

“It’s not Vincent” he replied, fearful. Rose walked closer towards the tree line, and watched as the trees fell down like dominos.

“Did anybody see that?” Claire asked anxious.

“...Yeah” Hurley replied, petrified.

Other members of the group ran closer to investigate the mysterious noises.

“Boone!” Shannon screamed, frightened. More and more screeches and crashes came from the jungle. People turned their heads to watch the trees disappear from their view.� Hissing, clanking echoed through the whole camp. More and more tress fell down; the jungle was nearly empty of trees. The whole camp stood in one great line, watching what was going on.

“Terrific!” Charlie stated, sarcastically.

Flash Back!

Jack was sat on the window seat of the plane; he was staring at the white, fluffy clouds in the sky and the wing of the plane soar the sky.

“So, how’s the drink?” the air stewardess, named Cindy asked in a flirty tone.

“It’s good” Jack turned his head around to her quickly.

“That wasn’t a very strong reaction” she sniggered.

“Well, it’s not a very strong drink” he replied jokingly. They both laughed. The air stewardess reached her arm into the trolley she was carrying and brought out a bottle of alcohol. She slowly handed it over to him and made sure no one saw her.

“Shush. Just don’t tell anyone” she said sneakily. Jack reached over and took the bottle.

“This of course, breaks some critical FAA regulations” he laughed, excitingly. The air stewardess smiled at him and carried on down the aisle. Jack poured his alcohol into a tiny glass he had set up on his table. After filling it up to the right amount he wanted, he drank it in one big gulp. He sighed and then placed the glass back down onto the table. He stood up and moved over to the seat next to him, but as he was about to walk down the aisle, Charlie ran past him.

“Excuse me” he said in a hurry. Jack looked at Rose, who was sat next to him and laughed. The air stewardess was running behind Charlie shouting at him.

“Sir, excuse me!” she yelled.

“Guess he really had to go” Rose said light-heartedly. Three air stewards ran past Jack and Rose, following Charlie. Jack sat back down and him and Rose both looked ahead to see what was going on. Some turbulence hit the plane and it shook every one about.

“Ladies and gentleman, the captain has switched on the “fasten seatbelts” sign. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts” the air stewardess announced on the speakers respectfully. Everyone around started to fasten their seatbelts.

“It’s normal” he assured Rose.

“Oh, I know. I’ve just never been a very good flier. My husband keeps reminding me that planes want to be in the air” she stated.

“Well, he sounds like a very smart man” he complimented to Rose.

“Be sure to tell him that when he gets back from the bathroom” she laughed.

More turbulence hit the plane, it started to creek and the lights flickered on and off. Passengers started to get worried and you could hear it in their moans.

“Well, I’ll keep you company until he does. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be over...” he offered before he was quickly interrupted by more turbulence that shook the plane, like a ragdoll. Passengers that had refused to put their seatbelts on flew all over the plane, the engines started to whine and hum. The plane shook more and more aggressive, suitcases and passengers were falling all around the plane. Everyone leant back in their seats, grabbing the arms, and praying they were going to be ok. Suddenly all the oxygen masks fell down in front of their faces. Every grabbed them and put them over their heads, except for Rose, who was holding it on her face. The engines roared more and more loader and faster, the plane creaked and groaned as it was being thrown about the sky. Jack looked at Rose, knowing he couldn’t help her with her oxygen mask as he could not move his arms of head. He just stared at her hopelessly.

Present Day

Jack was staring out into the ocean; the groups of survivors were talking amongst themselves about what they think it was in the jungle last night.

“It didn’t sound like an animal, not exactly” one of them said.

“That sound it made, I keep thinking there was something familiar about it” Rose said.

“Where are you from” the survivor said.

“The Bronx” she replied

“It might be monkeys” a survivor suggested.

“It’s monkeys. Monkey Island” one of the survivors said, mockingly.

“We don’t know if we’re on an island...” a passenger said. Kate wandered up behind Jack and stared at him for a little while.

“You ready?” she asked quietly and secretly. Jack paused for a bit and then slowly turned around to her.

“Kate, you showed me where the smoke was. I can get there myself” he begged.

“I’m coming” she commanded. Jack laughed and slanted his head downwards.

“Well you’re gonna need better shoes” he said jokingly. Kate walked slowly away from Jack and noticed a man lying down underneath a bit of wreckage, he was dead. She slowly made her way to him, sneakily and slyly. When she reached his feet, she knelt down and slowly removed his hiking boots, she was disgusted with herself, she looked up and around to see if anyone was watching her. She slowly untied the laces and places them onto her feet. She looked up once again and saw John sat down on the sand, staring at her. She tilted her head away with shame when she saw the disappointed look on his face. When she looked back at him, he opened his mouth slowly and revealed an orange peel sat in front of his teeth, and he had a massive grin on his face. Kate stared at him with repulsion, John realised he was not going to amuse her, so he ate the orange peel, with embarrassment. Kate stood up and walked off to find Jack again.

� Michael (the black father), his son Walt, Boone, Sayid, Charlie and Shannon were all sat in a big circle on the sand, surrounded by dead bodies and wreckage.

“Whatever it was, it wasn’t natural” Michael cried.

“Does anyone have any sun block?” Charlie asked jokingly, knowing no one would have any.

“Yeah, I do” Shannon replied.

“Oh!” he replied, shocked.

“So I was just looking inside the fuselage. It’s pretty grim in there. You think we should do something about the... B-O-D-Y-S?” he said slowly, trying not to frighten the child that was next to him. Everyone looked at each other confused; they mumbled what the word would spell to themselves.

“What you spelling man, “bodies”?” Michael screamed teasingly.

“B-O-D-I-E-S’ Walt interrupted intelligently” Hugo looked at him with awkwardness.

“That sounds like a good idea” Sayid replied, keenly.

“No, they’ll deal with it when they get here” Shannon screamed, thinking she was going to have to touch dead people. Everyone looked at each other, waiting for another reply, because they were not sure what to do. Jack suddenly appeared between Sayid and Boone in the group.

“I’m gonna go out and look for the cockpit. See if we can find a transceiver to send a distress signal. Help the rescue team. You need to keep an eye on the wounded. If the guy in the suit wakes up, keep him calm, but don’t let him remove the shrapnel. Understand?” he instructed Boone. Charlie thought to himself it would be a good idea if he went.

“Yeah, I got it. What about the guy with the leg? The tourniquet...?” Boone assured Jack.

“I stopped the bleeding. I took it off last night. He should be alright” Jack answered.

“Yeah, cool. Good job” he complimented.

“I’ll come with. I wanna help” Charlie said readily, he stood straight up and was ready to set off, even before his reply.

“No I don’t need any more help” Jack said frustrated.

“No it’s cool. I don’t really feel like standing still, so... Excellent” he giggle to himself, satisfied. Charlie and Jack walked off to go gather Kate, so they could begin their decent.

A large open area of grass, surrounded by dark thick trees and bushes, the wind blew through the leaves and howled behind the Jack, Kate and Charlie.

“Can I ask you something?” Kate asked Charlie.

“Me? I’d be thrilled. I’ve been waiting” he replied nervously.

“Have we ever met anywhere?” she asked mystified.

“No. That would be unlikely. I look familiar though, right?” he assured Kate.

“Yeah” she replied worried.

“You can’t quite place it?” he asked enthusiastically.

“No, I can’t” she replied quickly as he was starting to irritate her.

“Yeah, I think I know” he replied.

“You do?” she said, relieved.

You all, everybody. You all, everybody” he started to sing in a high pitched tone.

“Never heard that song?” he asked dissatisfied.

“I’ve heard it. I just don’t know what that...” she replied befuddled.

“That’s us! Drive Shaft! Look the ring. Second tour of Finland. Never heard of Drive Shaft?” he held out his hand and pointed to the ring that was on his finger, it read ‘DS’ in big letters.

“The band?” she asked sardonically.

“Yeah, the band!” he screamed excitedly. Kate paused for a moment.

“You were in Drive Shaft?” she asked mockingly.

“I am in Drive Shaft. I play bass” he screamed trying to persuade her.

“Serious?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah. Charlie. Track three. I do backing vocals” he yelled eagerly.

“My friend Beth would freak, she loved you guys” she laughed

“Give me Beth’s number, I’ll call. She live nearby?” he asked keenly. Jack walked back to Charlie and Kate.

“You ever heard of Drive Shaft?” she asked Jack, mockingly. Jack stared gormlessly at Charlie.

You all, everybody. You all, everybody” he sang, fading near the end as Jack shook his at him. Jack sighed at Charlie and continued to shake his head.

“We gotta keep moving.” Jack demanded. Charlie nodded at Kate, and they both followed behind Jack.

“They were good” Kate giggled.

“They are good. We’re still together. We’re in the middle of a comeback” he whined. As they walked on, the passed a bush, inside the bush, was the golden dog staring at them with its tongue hanging out of it mouth and its dark red collar and deep brown eyes.

John, still sat on the sand, wrapping his arms around his knees, holding them tight, he stared out into the ocean which turned from a beautiful tropical blue, into a murky, dark sea of death, as clouds thickened over head, filling the sky making it unable to see any blue. Thunder clapped in the distance and lightning struck over the camp, and jungle. Jack, Kate and Charlie were slowly making their way to the cockpit; they headed through long grass, covering their faces and above. Suddenly rain just poured down all over them within a split second. Jack looked up at sky baffled.

“You guys, is this normal? This kind of day turning into night, you know. The end-of-the-world type weather. Guys?” he asked concerned. Back at the camp, rain was coming down just as hard as in the jungle. Survivors fled to find the nearest shelter, so they could escape the torrential weather. John refused to move for anything, he continued to sit down on the sand; he watched as passengers tried to fit into the remaining shelters but was being refused by other survivors, and was getting pushed away.

“I’m telling you, you don’t wanna go in their! There are too many bodies!” Hurley shouted to Boone and Shannon. Michael held his son close to his side as they took refuge. John continued to sit in the rain and made it clear he was not moving. He lifted his arms slowly and held his head high to let the rain fall on his face and body.

Suddenly the tress started shaking again right in the direction of Jack, Kate and Charlie. Rose and Claire moved from underneath the wing and watched as the tress fell down one by one.

“There it is again” Claire stated with shock and fear in her eyes.

“Oh, my God” Rose whispered beside Claire’s ear.

Jack, Kate and Charlie continued to walk through the unknown jungle even though the clouds and the trees blocked out all light from the sun. Darkness was in front of them the decided to carry on finding the cockpit. Finally they stumbled across something they could not ever of imagined. The full cockpit was in perfect condition, and all still intact. They headed closer to it to investigate and to find the transceiver and any survivors. They noticed that the cockpit was caught on a tree, so it was on an angle, which made it dangerous to explore on the inside. After staring at it for a while, they decided they had no choice but to go in and hope they could find the transceiver.

“Well, let’s do this” Jack said. He led the way into the cockpit, followed by Kate and shortly after, Charlie followed them. They arrived inside the long isle. They looked around to see if anyone was alive.

“Let’s get this trans...” Charlie mumbled.

“Transceiver” Jack corrected.

“Transceiver thing and get out of here” Charlie cried. The three of them climbed, slowly up the isle to the front of the plane. The leant forward and grabbed onto anything they could to stop themselves falling back down. Jack grunted as he uncomfortably climbed up. Kate used all of her strength to pull herself upwards. Charlie used a different technique; he laid on the floor and shuffled upwards like a snake. He slipped and fell back down half of the way, but luckily he grabbed onto one of the dead passengers legs. He gradually made his way back up to the top were he once was, he bit his lips and crunched his teeth together as he pulled with all his force.� Jack reached the door finally after an agonizing 3 minutes of climbing and falling. Kate reached the top soon after. Jack tried to open to door, but it was locked. He searched around for something he could use to break open the lock. He found a fire extinguisher on the grim, dark, cold walls. Jack banged the door a total of eight times, until the lock finally gave in. The door flung open and one of the pilots bodies fell out, tumbling right past Charlie, who had just arrived at the top. Kate was petrified and screamed at the top of her voice.

“You okay?” Jack asked Kate.

“Yeah, you?” she replied in a nervous voice.

“Yeah” Jack mumbled quietly. He slowly reached for the inside of the door and climbed through into the other room.

“I’m fine. Charlie’s fine, by the way. I’m okay” he said sarcastically. Kate slowly started to follow Jack into the room.

“Hey, you don’t have to come up here” Jack begged Kate.

“No, I’m good” she insisted. Jack reached for Kate’s arm and he pulled her up into the room with him. They leant their backs against the wall to reassure themselves that they weren’t going to fall. The huffed and puffed at each other and had a minutes rest to catch their breath again.

“So what does a transceiver look like?” Kate asked, frustrated.

“Like a complicated walkie-talkie” he replied. Jack stood up and stepped over Kate to look near where the pilots were sitting, Kate copied him and helped to look for it. She leaned over the pilot’s body, to search beyond him. As she was looking, the pilot suddenly took a deep breath and woke up. Kate and Jack drew back with fear. Kate screamed and fell over. The pilot coughed continuously to make it possible for him to breathe again. Jack ran to him and examined him.

“I need that water” he told Kate. She passed him the bottle of water that was on the side desk

“Here Here you go” he told the pilot as he was pouring the drink into his mouth. When he had too much in his mouth, the pilot spat the drink back up and all over Jack.

“How many survived?” the pilot asked concerned.

“At least 48” Jack replied disappointed, hoping he could say more.

“Does anything feel broken” Jack asked.

“No, just my head’s a little dizzy, that’s all” he complained. Jack took hold of the pilots head and examined it for any bruising or injury.

“It’s probably a concussion” Jack suggested.

“How long has it been?” the pilot questioned Jack.

“Sixteen hours” Jack guessed roughly.

“Sixteen? Has anybody come?” he cried.

“Not yet” he replied, upset. He shook his head at the pilot, and quickly looked over to Kate to see if she was alright. The pilot squirmed uncomfortably and moved his head forward and backwards.

“Six hours in... our radio went out. No one could see us. We turned back to land in Fiji. By the time we hit turbulence... we were a thousand miles off course. They’re looking for us in the wrong place” the pilot gasped. Jack and Kate looked at each other as their hope was destroyed.

“We have a transceiver” he screamed, enthusiastically. He leant backwards to grab it.

“Good, good. We were hoping. You shouldn’t move” Jack commanded.

“No, no. I’m okay. Transceiver’s in there” he told Kate. She grabbed it and passes it to the pilot. He investigated to transceiver to get it working.

“Where’s Charlie?” Jack screamed. Kate looked around and then looked back at Jack and shook her head. Jack looked back at the pilot to see if he had got it fixed.

“It’s not working” he moaned.

Kate ran out of the room and back into the isles next to the bathroom. She froze and slowly turned her head around and the plane creaked.

“Charlie?” she shouted. The bathroom door flew open and Charlie fell out with it. They both looked at each other with confusion.

“What were you doing in the bathroom?” she interrogated Charlie.

“What?” he laughed. Suddenly a large slashing noise flew past the cockpit. Creaking of the plane grew louder and louder.

“What the hell was that?” shouted the pilot.

“Kate” Jack shouted. He reached his arm out to grab her and pull her in. Charlie helped push Kate in and quickly followed her. The slashing noises became louder and closer. Jack grabbed Kate with his arms and held her tight.

“It’s right outside” Kate cried, silently.

“What? What’s right out...?” the pilot said before he was interrupted by Jack, telling him to shut up. It growled louder and louder, creating creaking and grinding noises. It hissed repeatedly like a tropical bird. They all looked at the fogged up window and watched as a mysterious black shadow passed by. Kate tried her hardest to stop crying as she knew she could be killed. Jack ran to the window and tried to clear it but was unsuccessful because of the rain. The growling got quieter and got further away. The pilot decided to study from the windows as well. He limped over to a smashed window and leaned his body outside of it. He moved all the leaves from the tree out the way to make it clearer to see, he places the transceiver down on the chair and leaned all the way out. Jack, Kate and Charlie all watched him nervously, as they didn’t know what could happen to him. Suddenly, the loud slashing noise returned back quickly, the plane shook and rolled about in the trees for a few seconds. The pilot flew out of the window and he was being grabbed by the ‘thing’ outside. He squirmed and shook himself to get free. Jack, Kate and Charlie could only see his legs kicking about, helplessly. The slashing noises grew louder and louder and faster. Kate screamed over and over again, and they all took cover, hoping they wouldn’t get caught. A final howl came from the ‘thing’ and the pilot flew into the air and out of the window. As he flew up, blood poured down from him and fell onto the window. Kate gagged and held her head and screamed as it fell next to her.

“What the hell just happened?” Charlie screamed. Kate was petrified and she gasped for air when she had finished screaming. Jack was cowering in the corner of the room hiding from it. The slashing came back and hit the plane, this time it was going after them. The plane rolled and shook about; the three of them were rolling all over the place as it was attacking them. Jack reached for the transceiver, but as his arm came a few centimeters away from it, it slipped of the chair and onto the floor. The plane fell of the tree, were it was wedged, and smashed into the ground; shaking the whole jungle.

“Jack come on!” Kate yelled as Jack leant down to grab the transceiver. He ignored her and continued to collect it.

“Just leave it!” Charlie screamed. He quickly leant forward and clenched his fist, he successfully grabbed it and the three of them quickly ran out of the plane for their lives. They ran, dodged, swerved, meandered, swung the through the jungle as they tried to escape. They ran through the torrential rain, Kate in the lead, following behind her was Jack and soon behind was Charlie. They continued to run; they didn’t look back as they heard the slashing and the collapsing of tress closing in on them. A sound like cogs grinding together came shortly after the slashing and became louder and louder. Charlie fell over when he got his foot caught underneath a root, he tried yanking his foot out, and he repeated moving his foot up and down. He turned back and looked to see if he could see anything coming, he couldn’t see it, but he could hear it. It growled closer and closer, the grinding noises became more and more aggressive. The rain poured down on his face, and the lighting and thunder echoed through the whole jungle.

“Hey!” he screamed at the top of his voice. Jack heard him and quickly ran back to help him, he quickly swerved his head to see where Kate was; she continued to run and didn’t look back. Jack ran to Charlie to help him, Charlie was crying and trying to move his leg but he couldn’t get it from underneath the roots. He looked around to see if he could see the monster coming closer. He heard a slash and trees being uprooted not far from him, he squirmed and the hid in a small ball. Jack immediately came up behind him and grabbed his body, he cut the roots and they both ran for their lives. Kate was on her own, she ran and ran until she saw a small hiding place, she quickly turned her direction, but fell down into the slippery, wet mud. She grabbed a tree and picked herself back up and his behind some branches. She held them with her hands and started to cry, she looked around to see if anyone was there to help her.

“J... J... Jack!” she cried and gulped. She continued to cry and pant, to get her breathe back. Thunder crashed above her head and echoed through the trees.� She looked above her and watched the rain fall down the tiny holes in the tree.

“One. Two. Three. Four. Five.” She screamed to herself, petrified and crying. She stared into the bushed hoping someone would come to her rescue. She heard a branch snap in the distance, she quickly moved her head to look at it, but nothing was there. She heard another branch snap in the opposite direction, she quickly moved her head, but again nothing was there. She was starting to get scared and she was moving her head side to side rapidly to keep an eye out for anything. She swung her body around to look behind her.

“Kate!” Charlie screamed.

He was stood right behind her, they ran into each other and both screamed in each other’s faces.

They fell backwards and Kate landed on Charlie.

“Where the hell’s Jack?” she screamed.

“I don’t know” he replied quickly

“Did you see him?” she questioned.

“I don’t know. He pulled me up” he replied, confused and scared.

“Where is he?” she demanded.

“I don’t know!” he screamed finally.

“How can you not know?” she yelled.

“We got separated. I fell down. He came back. That thing was...” he replied rapidly.

“Did you see it?” she asked intrigued and softly.

“No. No. But it was right there. We were dead... I was. And then Jack came back and he pulled me up. I don’t know where he is” he screamed for a final time. The rain stopped pouring down on them; Kate looked up and around her. Charlie laid his head back onto the ground and took a deep breath.

“We have to go back for him” she insisted.

“Go back? There? Kate there’s a certain gargantuan quality about this thing” he said mockingly.

“Then don’t come” she snarled. Charlie laid back onto the ground and started thinking what to do, as Kate wandered back to find Jack.

“Kate!” he screamed, he stood up quickly and ran after her. They both wandered through the haunted jungle, they climbed over big rocks, and trees that the monster had knocked down. Charlie heard a screech behind him, he looked back quickly and removed his hood, as he wandered on he kept looking back to where the sound came from.

They came out into an opening; the sunlight shined bright onto their heads and blinded them. They covered their eyes as they walked on.

“I heard you shout. I heard you shout ‘Jack’. I’m Charlie by the way” he said, desperately. He pointed to himself. Kate stopped as she came across a puddle; Charlie looked at her then realized where she was looking. He joined her and looked too.

“What is that?” he asked quietly. Kate walked slowly up to the puddle; she knelt down and picked up a shiny, metal badge. She looked at it and realized it was the pilot’s badge. The water in the puddle slowly settled, and revealed the reflection in the trees above them. They both looked above them, and saw a body resting on the branches.

“What is...?” he Charlie asked confused.

“It’s the pilot” Jack stated. Kate and Charlie both looked behind them and saw Jack wandering out of the bushes. Kate looked at Jack to make sure he was okay.

“Did you see it?” she asked softly.

“No. It was right behind me, but I dove into the bushes” he panted. “Guys... how does something like that happen?” Charlie asked whilst he was pointing up to the body of the pilot. They all looked up at the tree and saw the pilot, blood covering his white shirt, which was now completely red, and his face which was disorientated and bloody and smashed to pieces. His blood dripped down into the puddle and slowly set around Jack, Kate and Charlie’s feet. They all looked at each other and sighed.

LOST Characters in the episode!Edit

This is Jack's centric episode.

In this episode we see:

Jack Shepherd

Vincent Lloyd

Shannon Rutherford

Charlie Pace

Jin Kwon

John Locke

Michael Dawson

Kate Austen

Rose Henderson

Boone Carlyle

Claire Littleton

Hugo Reyes

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