Season 1

Pilot Part 2

Calmness. The Silence echoed through the jungle, meandering past the long, thin, round trees. Green and twigs covered the whole of the ground. Jack, Kate and Charlie walked slowly, making their way past the tree trunks, they headed back to camp to share with the survivors that they had found the transceiver. Jack led the way and was soon followed by Charlie, then Kate. Jack repeatedly held the transceiver to his ear to see if he could receive a signal.

“Anything?” Charlie asked eagerly.

“You keep asking if there’s anything” Jack answered frustrated.

“Well, pardon me for appearing desperate, but before the pilot was ripped from the cockpit, he did say that no one’s gonna find us, unless we get that transceiver working” he said sharply.

“So, is there anything?” Charlie asked for a final time.

“No” Jack groaned.

“Okay” Charlie said sadly. They all continued to walk forward. Kate grabbed Charlie’s arm and made them both slow down.

“What were you doing in the bathroom” she asked jokingly. Charlie paused for a second and looked at her.

“I thought you could tell. I was getting sick, puking. My one tangible contribution to the trip” he said quietly.

“No, I’m glad you came, Charlie” she said politely.

“Every trek needs a coward” he laughed sarcastically.

“You’re not a coward” she smiled. Charlie stopped behind her and watched her as she walked on.

Flash Back!

Charlie was sat, uncomfortably on the seat of the plane. He tapped his finger, repeatedly and rapidly against the arm of the chair. It made a clanking noise as his ring bashed against the metal. He lifted his body above the seat of the chair and leant his body back uncomfortably.

“Are you alright, sir?” Cindy asked, concerned. She leant her hand onto his shoulder to get his attention. He quickly turned his head and looked at her.

“I’m good, thanks” he repliedpatronisingly.

“Can I get you water, or a...” she offered before she was interrupted.

“I’m fine... thank you. Please!” he shouted quietly.

“All right” she replied softly as she nodded her head. She turned her body down the aisle and headed towards the back of the plane. Charlie slowly tilted his head down and bit his fist tightly; he continued to tap his finger against the arm of the chair as he saw the air stewardess had left. He quickly swung his head around the chair to look at the stewardess. He watched her as she was stood talking to two other air stewards. As they looked at him, he quickly turned his head around and bit his lips. He tapped his fingers faster and louder as he was getting worried. He turned his head around quickly again and looked at the air stewards, they looked at him once again and then they all slowly made their way towards Charlie. Charlie quickly removed his head phones and seatbelt and walked rapidly towards the front of the plane. He barged past Jack and shoved him politely out of the way.

“Excuse me” he said nervously.

“Sir, excuse me!” the air stewardess yelled.

“Guess he really had to go” Rose said jokingly from a distance. Charlie reached some toilets, he tried to open them but they were locked. The stewards grew closer to him as they scurried down the aisle. Charlie zapped his head to the side and looked further down the aisle.

“Sir, excuse me” she shouted. Charlie hurried further to the front of the plane; he turned his head behind him to keep an eye on the stewards. He crossed the aisle, leaning over passengers in the middle of the plane. He stood on their feet as he leapt over them.

“Excuse me!” Shannon shouted arrogantly. As they all carried on walking towards the front of the plane, turbulence hit them, the plane shook aggressively and knocked the stewards over, they grabbed onto passengers and their seats to keep themselves up. The ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign dinged and lit up. The female steward walked over to a phone that was on the wall of the plane and spoke into it.

“Ladies and gentleman, the captain has switched on the “fasten seatbelts” sign. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts” she request graciously. Charlie refused to listen to her and he headed to the toilets at the front of the plane. He found an open lavatory and rushed into it, locking the door behind him immediately. He leant against the sink in the bathroom and removed his shoe; he took out a small plastic bag and stared at it. It was heroin. He heard a banging on the door.

“Sir, are you all right?” one of the male stewards asked quietly. Charlie shoved his shoe back onto his foot, keeping out the heroin.

“Just a minute!” he quivered. He opened the bag and shook the contents of it onto his fingers. He took a giant sniff and ingested the drugs

“Just a minute” he screamed.

“I’m gonna have to ask that you open the door please” he instructed. Charlie removed his fingers from under his nose and stared into the mirror, gormlessly with his mouth wide open. Another bang hit the door and shook Charlie.

“Open the door now, sir” he shouted. Charlie quickly wrapped up the plastic bag and the contents and held them tightly in his hand.

“Sir!” he yelled. Charlie turned to the direction of the toilet and held the bag to his head and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath as he dropped the bag into the toilet bowl. He reached for the handle leant forward to flush the drugs. As his hand hovered about the handle, turbulence smashed Charlie into the roof of the bathroom and threw him about the room like he was a ragdoll. The lights flashed on and off aggressively and rapidly. He swung the door open and ran outside, making sure the coast was clear. He ran up the aisle but the turbulence knocked him over backwards. He fell to the ground and smashed against the wall. He lifted his head up and saw a trolley hurtling towards him; he quickly dove out of the way before being crushed by the heavy trolley. It crashed into the wall and tipped over, releasing all of the goods. He sheltered his head as the food fell on him. He slowly lifted his self up as the avalanche of food ended, he crawled further back down the plane, grabbing onto passengers legs and chairs to stop himself from falling. He eventually found a free seat and he threw himself into it. He fastened his seatbelt and grabbed the oxygen mask and threw it over his face he held onto it tightly and took deep breathes because he didn’t know what was going on, or what would happen. His arms, legs, body, head shook as he was nervous and ‘high’ on drugs. He looked around watching helplessly at the other passengers with his eyes wide open.

Present Day!

Shannon was wearing a vibrant, bright orange bikini; she was laid down on a dazzling baby blue towel, the wreckage from the plane burned and collapsed behind her, passengers limped past her looking for help with their injuries. Boone walked up to her slowly and embarrassed.

“Hey, we’re going through some clothes, sorting them. I see you found your bag. Come on, do you wanna give us a hand?” he asked quietly.

“Not really. You’re wasting your time, they’re coming” she refused arrogantly. Boone looked at her, disgusted and walked of slowly, turning his head back watching her. Shannon continued to lay on the ground with her hands behind her head.

“Is that you’re boyfriend?” Claire asked hesitantly from a distance. Shannon rocked her head over and looked at Claire slowly. She lifted her head back up and sighed.

“My brother. Boone. God’s friggin’ gift to humanity” she mumbled. Claire giggled quietly to herself; she removed her grey top revealing a thinner black top underneath.

“I used to have a stomach” Claire said jokingly as she rubbed her stomach with her hands. Shannon looked at her and slowly flipped her body over; she laid on her stomach and slowly nodded her head.

“Do you know what it is?” she asked politely.

“Not yet. I haven’t felt the baby move since yesterday” she said disappointed and upset. Shannon lowered her head between her arms and hid her face as she watched Claire rub and stare at her baby.

Jin and Sun where at the rock pools, Jin reached his hand into a tiny area of water and retrieved a sea urchin. Sun stood, on the sand, watching him with disgust, as he collected food for camp. She closed her eyes slowly and moved her head slightly away from his direction and stared into the ocean.

“Excuse me” Michael yelled from behind Sun. She quickly turned around to him. Jin stopped collecting sea urchins and watched his wife.

“Hey, have you...? Have you seen my boy?” he asked desperately as he slowly walked up to her. Sun looked at her husband and spoke to Michael in Korean, she did hand gestures to explain she didn’t understand him. Michael stared at her helplessly and shook his head. Jin interrupted her and ordered her to button up her top in Korean. She and Michael both looked at him as he shouted again aggressively. Sun suddenlyrealisedwhat he was talking about and she buttoned it up immediately. Michael watched Sun as she buttoned her top up.

“Sorry” he said slowly and embarrassed as he walked off towards the tree line.

“Walt! Walt!” he yelled.

In the jungle, Walt wandered around the tress, holding a bright, dazzling red lead for a dog. He held it tightly as he screamed for his dog.

“Vincent! Vincent!” he screamed quietly and nervously. He walked past taller trees and he slowly worked his way deeper into the jungle. He looked up at some of the trees, astounded by their height.

“Come here, boy” he cried frantically. He came into an opening in the trees and noticed something shiny on the floor. He tensely walked towards it and picked it up. It was handcuffs.

“Hey! What did I tell you after everything that’s happened?” Michael screamed as he ran towards Walt.

“I thought maybe Vincent would be around” he answered innocently.

“I told you to stay on the beach” he quoted.

“It’s so close to the beach, I thought that this would be okay” he cried.

“Don’t do that. You listen to me, I mean what I say. You understand?” he yelled patronisingly. Michael noticed Walt was holding handcuffs; he grabbed his hands and removed the handcuffs from him.

“What is this?” he said sharply.

“I just found ‘em” Walt said aggressively.

Michael stared at them, worried. He lifted his head up and cautiously looked around the area.

“Come here” he said protectively. He grabbed Walt’s shoulders and they both hurried back to the beach, nervously.

At Camp Sayid and Sawyer where fighting, they shouted abuse and each other. Sawyer punched Sayid’s face and he fell to the ground.

“Hey, guys come on” Michael shouted desperately. Sayid stood up and Sawyer kicked him in his stomach, he flew backwards into the crowd of people that were watching.

“Hey” Michael yelled. Sawyer swung his fist at Sayid again, but Sayid ducked and punched Sawyer in the stomach, he fell to the ground and threw sand in Sayid’s face. They both fell over and landed on each other, they rolled over the ground punching, kicking and spitting at each other. Jack, Kate and Charlie arrived back at camp; they saw the fight that was going on. Jack handed the transceiver to Kate and ran up to them to stop them.

“Hey! Break it up! Jack shouted as he ran towards the fighting men on the ground. He aggressively grabbed Sawyer and dragged him away from Michael, who was holding Sayid

“Break it up! Get off!” Jack repeated.

“Hey, come on, break it” Michael copied before he was interrupted.

“You son of a bitch” Sawyer screamed as his face turned red with anger.

“That’s it. It’s over” Jack ordered.

“Come on” Sawyer yelled. Sayid crawled on the floor and tried to grab Sawyers legs. Sawyer kicked him away and kicked his head.

“That’s it!” Jack commanded.

“I’m sick of this redneck!” Sayid yelled at the top of his voice.

“Want some more?” Sawyer asked sarcastically and aggressively, as he still tried to break free to attack Sayid.

“Tell everyone what you told me! Tell them that I crashed the plane” he moaned.

“The shoe fits buddy!” Sawyer yelled as he was being dragged away by Jack.

“What is going on?” Jack interrupted calmly. Sayid shouted abuse to Sawyer in an Iraqi language.

“What’s going on?” Jack screamed as he threw Sawyer away from Sayid.

“My kid found these in the jungle” Michael spoke up. He walked slowly towards Jack and handed him the handcuffs.

“This guy was sitting in the back row of business class the whole flight. Never got up. Hands folded underneath the blanket. And for some reason, just pointing this out, the guy I saw next to him didn’t make it.” Sawyer yelled as he pointed his finger at Sayid.

“Thank you so much for observing mybehaviour” Sayid replied sarcastically.

“You don’t think I saw them pull you out of the line before we boarded” he snarled. Sayid lost his temper with him and dove towards him with his fist ready. Michael quickly intercepted him and dragged him away.

“Come on! Bring it!” Sawyer yelled angrily.

“Stop!” Kate shouted deeply. The two men both walked away and Sayid held his hands up in the air, thinking he didn’t do anything wrong.

“We found the transceiver but it’s not working. Can anybody help” she asked desperately. Sayid quickly turned around to her and stared at her. Everyone looked at each other, hoping someone would raise their hand.

“Yes, I might be able to” Sayid replied nervously.

“Oh, great! Perfect! Let’s trust this guy” Sawyer shouted as he raised his hands up and then flopped them down against his body.

“Hey, we’re all in this together man. Lets treat each other with a little respect...” Hurley interrupted cautiously.

“Shut up, lardo” Sawyer screamed defensively.

“Hey! Give it a break” Jack ordered patronizingly.

“Whatever you say, doc, you’re the hero” Sawyer said sardonically. He turned his back to Jack and scurried towards his tent. Kate and Charlie watched as Sayid examined the transceiver. Boone walked over towards Jack warily.

“You guys found the cockpit?” he asked eagerly. Jack turned towards him and nodded. Boone shook his head.

“Any survivors?” he asked again. Kate and Charlie looked at each other, and held their heads down.

“No” Jack said while he shook his head.

“It’s dual-band. Military spec. Chances are the battery is good, but the radio is dead” Sayid interrupted.

“Can you fix it?” Kate asked, with little hope in him.

“I need some time” he replied softly. He walked off with the transceiver to a quieter spot to fix it.

“Doctor, that man with the shrapnel, I think you should take a look at him” Rose asked politely. Jack nodded his head a hurried over the injured passenger.

Sayid was sat underneath a tall tree, the long, winding branches laid over him. The waves from the sea crashed and roared as they hit the sand. He opened up the transceiver revealing the circuit board. Hurley walked over to him and sat beside him.

“Chain-smoking jackass” he moaned about Sawyer to him. Sayid nodded his head secretly.

“Some people have problems” he stated.

“Some people have problems. Us” He said. Sayid looked at him confused.

“Him” he said quickly. Sayid grinned and laughed quietly to himself.

“You’re okay. I like you” Hurley said.

“You’re okay too” Sayid replied, embarrassed. Hurley burst out laughing, quietly.

“Hurley. Oh, just...” he said. He offered to shake his hand before realizing he was busy with the transceiver.� Sayid put it down and reached his arm out.

“Sayid” he stated. Hurley put his arm out and shook his hand. He continued to alter things in the transceiver. Hurley sat and watched the sea.

“How do you know how to do all that?” he asked eagerly.

“I was a communications officer” he replied quickly.

“Oh, yeah? You ever see battle?” he asked again.

“I fought in the Gulf War” he said proudly.

“No way. I got a buddy who fought over there. He was in the one hundred and fourth Airborne. What were you, Air Force? Army?” he asked excitedly.

“The Republican Guard” he answered without looking at Hurley. Hurley stared at Sayid awkwardly and then continued to stare out into the sea.

On the other side of camp, Kate was stood in the ocean washing her body. She leant down and grabbed the water and threw it over herself. She stood still for a moment and thought about the pilot, and started to cry, but quickly stopped herself. She removed the dirty brown top she was wearing and tied her hair up into a bun. Sun stood cautiously behind a rock and screamed to her in Korean. Kate turned around but did not understand her. Sun pointed to the direction of the camp. Kate shook her head at her and smiled at her showing she understood. Sun lowered her arm and walked off slowly. Kate arrived at the wreckage. She grabbed a towel and dried her hair as she walked towards Sayid.

“Is it working?” she asked, shocked.

“It seems to be, except we’re not picking up a signal” he moaned.

“Why do we have to pick up a signal? Aren’t we trying to send one?” she asked confused.

“Yes, but what you want to see here is little bars. The bars show the radio’s getting reception” he explained.

“We need the bars?” she asked.

“We could broadcast blind, hope that someone, maybe a ship somewhere picks up our distress call. But that would be a waste of the battery, which might not last for long” he said disappointed.

“There is one thing we could try” he said unsurely.

“What?” she screamed.

“Seeing if we could get a signal from high ground” he said worriedly.

“How high?” he asked. He rolled his eyes to the top of the mountain that was behind them. Kate immediately turned her head around. She gradually raised her head up. She put her hands over her eyes to stop the sun getting in her eyes, she looked even higher and she moved the hair out of the way of her eyes. Her mouth slowly opened with shock as she saw how high it was.

Near Jack’s tent, Jack was examining the man with the shrapnel in his stomach. The man was lying down, with his shirt open and blood pouring all over his body. Jack wiped his hands to remove the blood.

“How is he? Can you do anything?” Kate asked nervously.

“I can pull out the shrapnel” he answered.

“But yesterday you said if you took it out...” she said puzzled.

“That was yesterday. I was hoping he’d be at a hospital by now. If I leave him like this he’ll be dead within a day. If I open him up... If I can control the bleeding, and if he doesn’t go into sepsis and if I can find some antibiotics, he might be all right” he said frustrated. Kate slowly walked towards him.

“I’m going on a hike” she said. Jack turned around to her.

“Sorry?” he asked.

“Sayid fixed the transceiver, but we can’t use it, not from here” she said calmly. Jack immediately stood up and tried to persuade her not to go.

“Kate, wait” he begged.

“You said we had to send a signal” she quoted. Jack stomped towards her and shook his head rapidly.

“You saw what that thing did to the pilot” he cried.

“Yeah, I did. What makes you think we’re any safer here than we are in the jungle?” she said sharply.

“Wait for me. I don’t know how long...” he begged.

“Sayid said the battery won’t last” she stated. Jack looked at the injured passenger and back at Kate quickly, wondering who to go with.

“All right. If you see or hear anything... Anything... Run” he said, hoping he could frighten her. She smiled and walked off.

Back near the rock pools, Jin was preparing food for survivors of the crash; his wife sat beside him and helped him. He cut the fish up and put them into little bowls, Sun leant over to grab some fish to put in the bowl, Jin quickly slapped her hand. She retrieved it and rubbed it. She held her hands down the side of her body, and watched as he finished preparing the food. He stood up and Sun handed him the tray. He slowly walked off towards the camp. When she saw he was far away, she unbutton her top and left it open.

Jin arrived near Hurley, who was washing his clothes; he trotted towards him and held the tray out while he talked in Korean.

“What’s up? What, that? What eat that? He asked confused. Jin shouted in Korean in a frustrated tone. He imitated eating the fish to make him understand. Hurley started to laugh.

“Dude, dude, I’m starving” he said. Jin got excited and shoved the plate in Hurley’s face.

“But I am nowhere near that hungry. No. No. No, thank you. No way. No” he giggled. Jin walked of, stomping his feet into the ground, angrily. Hurley laughed at him as he hurried off.

Near the wreckage Michael and Walt were sat together, Walt was reading a comic. He flipped through the pages and stopped on a page with a polar bear on it.

“That comic book is in Spanish... you read Spanish” Michael asked.

“No. I found it” he said quickly. They both looked at each other awkwardly.

“Tell you what, when we get home... I’ll get you another dog” he offered. Walt looked at him with disgust and stomped off. Michael held his head down with shame.

Near the tree line, Charlie knelt down on a lump of mud and shoved his shaking hand into his trouser pocket, carefully; he spun his head around to make sure nobody was near him.

“Hey” Jack shouted to Hurley, on the other side of the camp. Hurley dropped the chair he was carrying and looked at Jack.

“I need your help” Jack asked.

“Okay” he replied confused.

“I need you to help me go through the luggage. I need any prescription medications you can find, especially ones that end in ‘mycin’ and ‘cillin’. Those are antibiotics” he explained. He patted Hurley on the shoulder and ran off.

“What’s this for?” he asked, without receiving an answer.

Back near the tree lines, Charlie had taken the drugs and was rolling on the floor, sniffing through his nose roughly. He sat down uncomfortably and leant backwards onto the ground taking deep breathes.

At the wreckage Shannon was sat curled up in a ball. Boone looked around the wreckage looking for her. He walked up to her and threw his body down and sat with her. They both stared at an air steward’s dead body.

“What are you doing?” he said arrogantly.

“I think I was mean to him” she cried.

“What?” he asked confused.

“He’s that guy from the gate. He wouldn’t let us have our seats in first class. He saved our lives” she sniffed as she cried.

“C’mon Shannon, we’re trying to clear some of the wreckage. You should help out. You’re just being worthless over here” he growled.

“I’m being what?” she snarled.

“What do you want me to say? You’re sitting on your ass staring at bodies” he moaned.

“I’ve just been through a trauma here, okay?” she yelled.

“We’ve all been through a trauma, the difference is you’ve given yourself a pedicure” he stated angrily.

“You know what? It is so easy to make fun of me... And you’re good at it, I get it” she shouted.

“I wish I didn’t have to waste my time. I wish I didn’t have a reason! And yeah it is easy Shannon” he yelled.

“Oh, screw you. You do not have the slightest idea what I’m thinking” she growled.

“I have a much better idea” he stated.

“No, you don’t!” she exploded with anger.

“Okay, Shannon, what are you thinking?” he yelled patronizingly. She stood and cried; she moved the hair out of her face and looked ad Kate and Sayid packing their bags.

“I’m going with them. On the hike” she snarled.

“Oh, yeah?” he smirked.

“Yup, I’m going” she ran off towards them, Boone tried to grab her arm, but she slapped him and he let go.

“No you’re not Shannon. Shannon!” he yelled. Sayid and Kate started to walk into the trees. Shannon ran up behind them and stopped them.

“I’d like to come with you” she asked politely. They both turned around, puzzled.

“She’s not going” he ordered.

“The hell I’m not!” she yelled.

“This is what she does” he growled.

“You don’t know!” she cried.

“She makes really bad decisions to upset her family, which at the moment is me!” he shouted quietly.

“Shut up and stop trying to be charming. I’m coming with you” she demanded.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea” Kate denied politely.

“What are you, two years older than me? Please?” she growled. Charlie stumbled up to them and stood in their group.

“You’re going, aren’t you?” she cried.

“Yeah. Are you?” he asked clumsily.

“Yup” she said proudly.

“Yeah, I’m definitely going” he stated. Kate began to get frustrated with everyone.

“Look, everyone can come. But we’re leaving now” she stated. They all started to walk ahead, Shannon ran towards the front of the group to get away from Boone.

“You couldn’t tell from that, but she’s actually really nice” Charlie said desperate to get Shannon’s attention.

The group of hikers, Kate, Sayid, Boone, Shannon and Charlie walked towards the tree line to start their journey. They all walked past Sawyer, who was sat in part of the wreckage, reading a letter and smoking a cigarette. He saw the group walk past him; he slowly looked at them, then slowly back at the letter. He carefully folded it up and warily slotted it into his pocket. He threw his body up and ran towards them. The group were meandering through the trees and vines. They came to an open are of land and Sawyer intercepted them and ran to the very front of the group.

“So, you decided to join us” Kate said jokingly.

“I’m a complex guy, sweetheart” he growled patronizingly. Kate and Sayid both stopped and snarled at each other.

They all grew near to the mountain; they climbed and climbed continuously. They grabbed onto roots that stuck out of the mountain side. Sawyer lead the way and refused to help people climb up the steep hill. Kate followed soon behind Sawyer, and Charlie was right behind her. Shannon had difficulties with climbing up the hill. Sayid grabbed her arms as Boone pushed from underneath. Shannon shook her body as Boone tried to help her up. They reached the top, Sawyer leapt over the edge and watched as everyone else struggled to get up. Soon after Kate arrived at the top, he leant out his arms and picked her up. After they were both up, Charlie arrived at the top, then Sayid, then Shannon and finally Boone.

Back at the beach Michael was still sat down on the wreckage holding his head in shame. Jack walked beside him and looked through the luggage. He opened a small bag and took out all the medication he could find.

“What are you looking for?” Michael asked.

“Some sort of blade. How’s your son?” he replied.

“Walt? Yeah I think he’ll be all right” he said uncomfortably.

“How old is he?” Jack asked.

“Nine. Ten. Ten. Walt’s more worried about his dog than anything. The dog was on the plane, so... Kids you know” he said softly.

“Is it a Lab?” Jack replied. Michael looked at him confused.

“Yeah” he replied, shocked.

“Yeah? I saw him yesterday. In the jungle” he replied excitedly.

“What? Where?” he asked eagerly.

“Over there... a couple of hundred yards in or so. He looked good” he said as he pointed into the jungle. Jack finally pulled out a knife he could use. Michael kept looking forward and backwards at Jack and at the direction where the dog was.

Near the main camp site John was sat on the ground playing backgammon by himself. He had a long red scar slashing over his right eye. Walt walked up behind him, still holding the red lead.

“What is it, like checkers?” he shouted. John continued to play his game.

“Not really. It’s a better game than checkers” he said uncomfortably. Walt walked over to him cautiously.

“Do you play checkers with your pop?” John asked.

“No. I live in Australia with my mom” he explained.

“You have no accent” John questioned.

“Yeah, I know, we move a lot. She got sick. She died a couple of weeks ago” he said quietly.

“You’re having a bad month” he said jokingly.

“I guess” he cried. Walt slowly walked closer to John; he stood in front of him and sat down.

“Backgammon is the oldest game in the world. Archaeologists found sets when they excavated the ruins of Ancient Mesopotamia. Five thousand years old. That’s older than Jesus Christ” he said intriguingly. Walt began to get excited and interested with what he was saying, he started smiling.

“Did they have dice and stuff?” he giggled. John nodded his head and smiled.

“But theirs weren’t made of plastic. Their dice were made of bones” he answered.

“Cool” he smiled. John looked back to his game.

“Two players. Two sides. One is light” he said as he held the white counter up.

“One is dark” he said as he held the black counter up. He closed his hands and put the counters down.

“Walt... do you wanna know a secret?” he said secretly. Walt and John both stared at each other, uncomfortably.

Claire was sat down on the chairs from the plane; she was curled up comfortably on the chair. She was writing in her shiny, leather, blue diary. Jin wandered up to her, holding the tray of food. He talked to her in Korean; she looked at him and tried to turn him down politely.

“No, thank you. No, that’s fine” she said slowly to make him understand. She smiled at him and shook her hand. He insisted she tried the food.

“No, no” she giggled. He tried again to make her eat the food.

“Okay. Thanks” she smiled. She looked worried as she leant her head over the dishes. She carefully placed her hand into a bowl and retrieved the fish. She put it in her mouth. And put on a smile, so she didn’t offend him. She slowly stopped smiling and started to gag. She held her stomach tightly and threw herself of the chair.

“Gosh” she said quietly. Jin looked at her confused and retreated.

“I just felt it! I just... Come here, feel this” she laughed. She grabbed Jin’s arm and placed it on her stomach, he tried to pull his arm back.

“Do you feel that?” That right there. That’s a kick! There, right there’s a foot! Oh, my god, wait, he’s moving around” she screamed with excitement. Jin pulled his arm back and screamed at her in Korean, he quickly walked off, looking back at her with disgust.

“He. He. I guess I think you’re a he” she cried with joy.

Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie, Shannon and Boone were walking through a wide open space of land; they sliced through the tall grass and trees. They aimed to go to even higher ground.

“Okay. Wide open space. Check the radio see if we’re good” Sawyer announced.

“We’re not gonna have any reception here” Sayid said arrogantly.

“Just try it” Sawyer screamed.

“I don’t want to waste the batteries” he explained.

“I’m not asking you to keep it on all day” he said, beginning to get frustrated.

“We’re blocked by the mountains” he said.

“Just check the damn radio” he screamed.

“If I just check, we might have any juice left when we get to...” he yelled before being interrupted by a mysterious noise. A growl came from the distance, everyone jumped and looked around. They heard the growl getting closer and louder.

“Oh, my god” Shannon cried.

“What the hell’s that?” Boone asked.

“Something’s coming” Kate said.

“A running noise grew closer and closer to them, the thing rushed through the grass, making it wobble.

“It’s coming towards us” Charlie moaned. The growling and rustling of the grass got even louder.

“Come on, let’s move” Kate ordered.

“I shouldn’t have come on this hike!” Shannon cried and screamed as they all ran away. Boone grabbed her arm and through her in the direction of the others. Sawyer stood still and stared at the direction of the growling.

“Go, go” Charlie screamed.

“Sawyer” Kate yelled. She tried to run back to him but Sayid pushed her in the other direction.

“Let him go!” he screamed. Shannon screamed as she lead the way. They all followed her and ran, covering their heads with their hands. Sawyer pulled out a gun from his back pocket and pointed it at the noise. A shot fired and another and fired 6 more times and the moving grass. Suddenly a giant ball of white flew out at him; he took one step back and watched as the thing fell on the floor. The rest of the group came back to Sawyer and watched it take its last breath.

“That’s... That’s a big bear” Shannon gulped.

“You think that’s what killed the pilot?” Boone asked.

“No. No, that’s a tiny, teeny version compared to that” Charlie answered.

“Guys, this isn’t just a bear. It’s a polar bear” Kate said, worried. The bear looked up at the group and took its final breath.

Back at beach Jack and Hurley both sat around the man with the shrapnel in his stomach.

“You sure he’s out?” Hurley asked, concerned.

“He’s out” Jack replied.

“How do you know he won’t wake up when you yank that thing out?” Hurley asked again. Jack looked at him and shook his head.

“I don’t” he replied. He pulled out the knife he found near Michael and cleaned it with a lighter he had found. Hurley looked over the man, concerned. He hoped he wouldn’t wake up.

“Hey, guy, you awake? Yo! There’s a rescue plane! We’re saved! Yay!” he said jokingly to wake the man up. Jack looked at him and smiled.

“Yeah, he’s out” Hurley accepted. Jack nodded his head at Hurley. He wiped his hands and poured alcohol onto the wound.

“It’s unlikely he’ll regain consciousness, but the pain might bring him around. And if it does, I need you to hold him down. Hurley looked awkwardly at Jack and slowly shuffled around to the head of the man.

“Err... I’m not so good around blood” Hurley said.

“Then don’t look” Jack giggled.

“Yeah. But I’m not so good around blood” he repeated.

“Just do the best you can, okay?” Jack advised. Hurley reached his arm over the body and placed them on his arms.

“Don’t look” Jack said.

“Okay” he replied. He closed his eyes tightly and quietly prayed to himself. Jack grabbed the shrapnel tightly, he yanked it out quickly. Hurley bit his teeth tightly and looked away quickly. Jack placed towels over the bleeding wound.

“Dude” Hurley moaned.

“Hand me those strips” Jack ordered.

“Dude” he quivered.

“Just hand me the strips, I need to get this bleeding stopped” he explained.

“I don’t think I can” he cried.

“What? Why? What’s going on?” he asked. Hurley looked down at the wound and saw all of the blood covering the man’s body.

“Just hand me the strips. Give it to me” he yelled. Hurley slowly started to faint.

“Don’t even think about it Hurley. Don’t even think it. Hurley, hey!” he screamed. Hurley fell to the ground and covered the man’s body.

“Damn it!” Jack screamed aggressively.

Back in the jungle, the group were examining the dead body of the polar bear. Boone crouched down next to it and looked at it. He stood up angrily.

“That can’t be a polar bear” Boone moaned.

“It’s a polar bear” everyone said together.

“Polar bears don’t usually live in the jungle” Shannon stated.

“Spot-on” Charlie said sarcastically. Sayid crouched down and also started examining the bear.

“No, polar bears don’t live this far south” he said confused.

“This one does” Boone smiled.

“Did. It did” Sawyer growled proudly.

“Where did that come from?” Kate asked. Sawyer tried to change the subject.

“Probably Bear Village. How the hell do I know?” he snapped.

“Not the bear, the gun?” she questioned. Every remembered and looked down at Sawyers hand. He paused and stared at Kate.

“I got it off one of the bodies” he replied.

“One of the bodies?” Sayid replied angrily.

“Yeah, one of the bodies” Sawyer said sharply.

“People don’t carry guns on plane” Shannon said arrogantly.

“They do if they’re a U.S. marshal. There was one on the plane” he said rudely. Kate looked at him, worried.

“How do you know that?” she quivered.

“I saw a guy lying there with an ankle holster, so I took the gun, thought it might come in handy. Guess what, I just shot a bear” he growled.

“So why do you think he’s a marshal?” she said.

“Because he had a clip-on badge! I took that too. Thought it was cool” he said sarcastically as he showed everyone the badge.

“I know who you are. You’re the prisoner” Sayid said suspiciously. Sawyer turned his head slowly towards Sayid and growled at him.

“I’m the what?” he said.

“You found a gun on a U.S. marshal? Yes I believe you did. You knew where it was because you were the one he was bringing back to the States. The handcuffs were on you. That’s how you knew.” he explained.

“Piss off!” he shouted.

“That’s who you are, you son of a bitch” he snarled.

“You’re as suspicious of me as I am of you” Sawyer interrupted.

“You are the prisoner” he moaned. Sawyer lost patience with Sayid.

“Fine, I’m the criminal. You’re the terrorist. We can all play a part. Who do you wanna be?” he asked sarcastically to Shannon. She looked at him with disgust and stepped back. Sawyer walked towards Shannon. Kate pushed him and removed the gun from his pocket and pointed it at him. Everyone gasped and watched her nervously. Sawyer smiled at her.

“Does anybody know how to use a gun?” she asked.

“I think you just pull the trigger” Charlie replied light heartedly.

“Don’t use the gun” Sayid begged.

“I want to take it apart” she explained, softly. Charlie smiled to himself, embarrassed.

“There’s a button on the grip. Push that, it will eject the magazine” he instructed. Kate pushed the button and the magazine fell out.

“There’s still a round in the chamber. Hold the grip, pull the top part of the gun” he continued. Kate knelt down and picked up the ammo. She handed the ammo to Sayid and the gun back to Sawyer. He grabbed her arm and pulled her closely to his body.

“I know your type” he whispered.

“I’m not so sure” she whispered back.

“Yeah, I’ve been with girls like you” he said.

“Not girls exactly like me” she replied. She walked away from him slowly and reached the rest of the group. Sawyer laughed and continued walking on. Everyone stood still and watched him lead the way. Kate walked over to a tree trunk and leant on it; she stood still and thought to herself secretly.

Flash Back!

“Can I get you a refill?” a black haired air stewardess asked. Kate sat and looked at her.

“No, I’m fine with this, thank you” she replied politely. The stewardess nodded at her and asked the man next to her.

“Her, sir, can I get you anything? Cocktail? Soda?” she asked.

“Just coffee, sweetheart. Black.” He replied without looking at her.

“Coffee, sure” she snarled. The man turned to Kate and looked at her.

“You look worried” he said. Kate ignored him and continued to look at the front of the plane.

“I’d be worried too, if I was you. But you gotta stay positive, kiddo. There’s always that off-chance that they’ll believe your story. I know I sure do” he said sarcastically.

“I don’t care what you believe” she said unpleasantly.

“Oh, I know that’s true. That has always been true. You sure you don’t want some more juice?”� He asked as he looked down at her hands. Kate picked up the drink that was in front of her, revealing the handcuffs that were hidden under her table. She drank it slowly and uncomfortably. She placed the drink down and stared at the floor for a moment. Turbulence hit the plane, Kate’s drink fell over and they both wobbled in their seats. They both looked at the roof of the plane, the marshal smiled as he saw she was worried. The seat belt sign dinged and lit up and the stewardess spoke into the speaker.

“Ladies and gentleman, the captain has switched on the ‘fasten seat belts’ sign. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts” she asked politely. Kate moved uncomfortably in her seat.

“I have one favour to ask” she asked unsurely.

“Really? This oughta be good” he smirked. He was about to finish his sentence but the turbulence hit again and interrupted him. Passenger behind them flew about the plane and smashed into the roof, walls and other passenger. A suit case fell down and smashed into his head. He started to bleed and fell unconscious. Kate looked at him with horror as she leant back in her seat. The oxygen masks fell down. Kate tried to lift her hands up but the handcuffs were trapping her. She pulled repeatedly to reach the masks, she realised she wouldn’t be able to make it. She leant over and reached into the marshal’s pocket and removed the keys. She cried with pain from the handcuffs pulling against her skin. She found the keys and shuffled through them, looking for the correct one. After four tries she eventually found the right one. She through her arms up into the air and put the mask over her head. She looked at the marshal, unconscious on the chair, she removed her mask and placed it over his head and she found another one for herself, she held it in front of her face, refusing to let go for anything. She cried as she heard creaking from the back of the plane. Suddenly the tail section of the plane snapped of and fell in another direction. Passengers that were not strapped in flew out the hole in the plane; other passengers near the edge flew out, as their chairs were ripped off by the force of the wind. Paper and pens and food flew out, following the unlucky passengers. Kate cried to herself even louder, she refused to look back; she closed her eyes tightly and held her head down.

Present Day!

Kate was stood, staring at the ground. Sayid walked up behind her slowly and patted her on the back.

“We should keep moving” he said, nodding her head slightly and followed him. She looked back quickly and continued to walk.

Back at the beach, Jack was helping the injured marshal; Hurley was lying unconscious on the ground next to him. Jack was covering up the wound with anything he could to stop infection and bleeding. Suddenly the marshal took a deep breath and woke up. Jack flew back with shock.

“No” he cried. He tried to keep the man calm as he was screaming with pain. He held the towels down to control the bleeding. The marshal threw his arm out and grabbed Jack’s shirt, he tightened his fist and pulled him closer.

“Where is she?” he growled. Jack shook his head and slowly replied.

“Who?” he said worriedly.

The hiking group reached a higher open area, trees circle the area of grass. Sayid stopped walking and looked around him. He removed his backpack and took out the transceiver. Sawyer looked back at him.

“Oh, now’s a good time to check the radio. Not before, but now” he snarled.

“We’re up higher” Sayid replied fed-up.

“Yes, we are” he replied sarcastically. Sayid stopped walking as he heard something coming from the transceiver.

“Bar.” He whispered quietly to himself. Kate turned around and watched him.

“Hey, we’ve got a bar!” he exploded with joy. Everyone ran towards him and circled him. He held the transceiver to his ear and spoke into it.

“Mayday, Mayday!” he screamed. A high pitched tone squealed through the radio and echoed through the air. He retreated his head and looked at it confused.

“What is that?” Kate asked eagerly.

“Feedback” he stated.

“Feedback from what? What would do that?” she asked confused.

“I don’t know” he answered puzzled.

“I’ll tell you what would do that. This guy not fixing the radio. The thing doesn’t even work” Sawyer grumbled. Everyone looked at each other with excitement and joy, thinking the transceiver would work.

“No. No, no, no, no, it’s not broken. We can’t transmit because something else is already transmitting” he said excitedly.

“Transmitting from where?” Charlie asked.

“What?” Shannon burst with joy.

“Somewhere close, the signal’s strong” he explained.

“Somewhere close? On the island? That’s great!” Charlie screamed.

“Maybe it’s other survivors” Boone said depressingly.

“From out plane? How would they...? Shannon interrupted before being interrupted by Sawyer.

“What kind of transmission?” Sawyer asked.

“It could be a satphone, radio signal...” he said before also being interrupted.

“Can we listen to it?” Kate asked.

“Let me get the frequency. Hold on” Sayid said.

“There’s no transmission” Sawyer moaned as he walked away.

“Shut up” Kate growled.

“The rescue party, it has to be” Charlie smiled. Suddenly a small voice came from the radio, a woman speaking French spoke to the group.

“French. The French are coming! I’ve never been so happy to hear the French” he giggled. Everyone looked at each other and laughed with glee.

“I never took French. What is she saying?” Kate said quickly. Sayid threw his head around the group looking at everyone.

“Does anyone speak French?” he begged.

“She does” Boone smiled as he pointed to Shannon. Sayid looked at her and smiled.

“No, I don’t. What?” she cried. Boone ran over to her and grabbed her shoulders.

“What are you talking about, you spent a year in Paris!” he screamed.

“Drinking! Not studying!” she cried as she retreated from Boone. The transceiver started to crackle and lose signal. A deep male voice spoke out of it.

“Iteration one-seven-two-nine-four-five-three-one” it crackled. Everyone stopped and looked at the transceiver.

“Okay, what’s that?” Charlie asked, baffled.

“Oh, no, no, no” Sayid screamed.

“What no?” Kate asked.

“The batteries are dying” he cried.

“How much time do we have?” Kate asked.

“Not much” he replied. Boone grabbed Shannon and put his face right in front of hers.

“I’ve heard you speak French. Listen” he begged.

“I can’t!” she cried. Sawyer interrupted them both and shouted at them.

“Do you speak French or not? Because that would be nice” he growled. Shannon looked helplessly at everyone, she realised no one would help her so she looked at the transceiver. The deep voice started to speak on the radio again.

“Iteration one-seven-two...” it crackled.

“That voice is weird. What is that?” Charlie whispered.

“Come on, come on” Sayid and Boone shouted to Shannon.

“It’s... It’s repeating” Shannon cried.

“She’s right” Sayid answered.

“What?” Boone asked.

“It’s a loop... ‘Iteration.’ It’s repeating the same message. It’s a counter. The next number will end five-three-three.

“...nine-four-five-three-three” the voice crackled.

“Does anyone know what the hell he’s talking about?” Sawyer screamed frustrated.

“It’s a running count of the number of times the message has repeated. It’s roughly thirty seconds long, so... How long?” Sayid mumbled. He started to work out the sum in his head.

“Don’t forget to carry the one cheap” Sawyer moaned. Shannon started to listen to the radio transmission.

“She’s saying... Please. She’s saying Please, help me. Please come get me” she said unsurely.

“Or she’s not! You don’t speak French!” Sawyer yelled angrily.

“Let her listen” Kate screamed.

“Shut up, man” Boone yelled.

“Guys the battery. The battery” Charlie whispered. Shannon grabbed the transceiver and held it to her ear. She closed her eyes and listened.

“I’m alone now. I’m... on the island alone. Please someone come. The others, they’re... They’re dead. It killed them. It killed them all” she translated. Everyone looked at each other with horror. The radio faded away and the crackling nose stopped. Shannon removed the radio from her ear and passed it back to Sayid.

“That was good” Boone praised.

“Sixteen years” Sayid spoke up.

“What?” Sawyer said.

“Sixteen years... and five month. That’s the count” he announced.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Boone whined.

“The iterations. It’s a distress call. A plea for help. A Mayday. If the count is’s been playing over and over... for sixteen years” Sayid said distressed.

“Someone else was stranded here?” Boone quivered. They all looked around nervously.

“Maybe they came for them” Kate said.

“If someone came, why is it still playing?” Sawyer said softly. Everyone looked at each other confused and worried. Shannon started crying to herself quietly.

“Guys... Where are we?” Charlie questioned. They all looked at Charlie and took deep breathes, trying to hold in their emotions.

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